Bintan Audax 200Km

logo-bintanaudaxBintan Audax is cycling sports tourism program in Bintan island. Bintan Audax not race event and not hard target. The participants will be enjoy on cycling, enjoy on natural environment, culture, and you can stop anywhere you like. The committee will accompany you during cycling at Bintan Island. Bintan Island is part of Archipelago Riau Province, Indonesia. The cycling activities around the island of Bintan along 200 kilo meter for one day with average speed of 22.5 km /h and the maximum speed is 30 km/h. Who can participate is by far the participants were able to bike 200 kilo meter by using the own bike. The committee would give the ministry for following the activities Bintan Audax among others marshal, platoon captain,support car, food, bike number, map, check point card, drinks, hotel transfer, bike jersey, and ambulance.